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Odor Assassin Original Pump Sprays
8oz Pump Sprays
Odor Assassin gets rid of airborne odors in seconds. 100% active, industrial strength formula uses the power of natural citrus oil to effectively eliminate offensive odors. One or two sprays will clear all kinds of airborne odors in your home or vehicle including - 
  • Pet Odors                      •  Cooking Odors
  • Tobacco Smoke Odor       •  Musty Basement Odor
  • Medical Odors                 •  Bathroom & Diaper Odors
  • Trash Odors                   •  Laundry Room Odors
  • Even Skunk Odors!
Lab tests show that Odor Assassin eliminates more than 90% of odor molecules from the air. Scents last for hours.  Eliminates the odor - doesn’t just cover them up.

Eight delicious scents - Cranberry Spice, Crisp Apple, Juicy Tropical, Tangy Lemon-Lime, Fresh Orange, cool Mountain Snow, Crisp Cotton and Magic Melon.
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